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May 28, 2015 § Leave a comment

Infinity HeartThe crazy thing about mortals is that we have no actual experience with infinity, but every day we talk, live and love as if we do. We’ve heard Buzz Lightyear’s “To infinity and beyond,” and heard ourselves complain about a stoplight that takes “an eternity,” and we’ve pledged to love someone “forever.” Everyone either hopes in or wonders about an afterlife. Eternity is something we’ve never seen but forever seem to know. We can’t even reach it with math. The best we can do is write symbols that mean we are moving toward infinity. Why is the infinite so familiar to the finite? It’s almost as if God “has put eternity into man’s heart,” as Ecclesiastes 3:11 puts it. Maybe we assume that some things go on forever, or that they should, because an eternal Creator made us in His likeness. His plan for us was for eternity, and from times of old we have known that we are not just made for this world (Hebrews 11). If the desire of Elohei Kedem (Hebrew name for Eternal God) is for a relationship with His people, it stands to reason that a sense of foreverness would be one of the intuitions He implants in our hearts. The Alpha and Omega gave us something we can’t quite wrap our heads around, but we can wrap our hearts around it.

We are all aware of eternity, but do we live in light of it?

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