Limelight Cults

October 31, 2015 § Leave a comment

gty_church_of_scientology_wg_151020_4x3_992Thanks to Hollywood (and stories like this recent one about actress Leah Remini’s departure from Scientology), we get to see how cults work. Note the cross atop Scientology’s headquarters without the name of Christ in any of the reports about this. The word cult is absent too, but omnipresent in the definition of the “disconnection” Scientology’s detractors are threatened with and help keep followers trapped for life.

It’s hard sometimes to see celebrities as people, but Leah Remini needs prayer. She’s out of the frying pan so to speak, but what other “wind of teaching” (Ephesians 4:14) is waiting to sweep her up? For every famous example there must be many cult victims that need to see the love of Christ, one that doesn’t seek power or control but our redemption and freedom.

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